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Shinydrive Windows Client December 2018/ Release Notes

Product: Shinydrive Windows Client


Date: December 19, 2018

What’s New in Shinydrive: New Features for Shinydrive Client and Shinydrive Server 2.4.2 is available to download:

What's New in Shinydrive (Server-2_4_2 & Client-1_5_2_4).pdf


Content Server 10 Support Deprecated

As of our Dec 18, 2018 release, we are no longer updating our Content Server “Shinydrive Service” Module for CS 10.

CS 10.5 and CS 16.s will continue to be supported.

  • Robust Handling for Local Cache: Numerous improvements have been made the local cache experience better for Shinydrive users, with regard to retries; we improved the icon for offline files and made the taskbar messages “Shinydrive is now online!” a little more visible. (Ref: SD-3324, SD-3527, SD-3499, SD-3549).

  • Automatic Retry (for Pending Items) on Connecting: When Shinydrive starts up or on a regular basis it will attempt to retry items on the Pending Items List (and note that we have renamed this to Pending Items – used to be Retry Items). So, generally speaking if a given document or documents fail to upload to your ECM, Shinydrive will retry these for you in the background until they succeed. (Ref: SD-3409)

  • Improved Handling of Uploads when Shinydrive is Closed, or Network Connection is lost: When Shinydrive is closed during a file upload to your ECM this is now better handled, with the upload continuing when you next connect to your ECM. (Ref: SD-3410, SD-3485, SD-3488)

  • Progress Bar for Uploads: When Shinydrive is uploading a large file, or a large number of files, these are now listed on our Pending Changes dialog, accessible from the Shinydrive Task Bar. For each of these, a progress bar is displayed so the status of these uploads to your ECM can be better tracked, if desired. (Ref: SD-3466)

  • Improved Handling of Deleted Items for Content Server: Now when you delete a file in Shinydrive, we immediately Reserve the file on Content Server, then delete the file as normal after the Deleted Items Expiry time has passed. (Ref: SD-3476)

  • Notification when Shinydrive is Offline: While using Shinydrive if for any reason it goes offline, there is a toolbar popup notifying the user of this. (Ref: SD-3479)

  • Option to Save Locally If Unable to Save: If the event a given upload to your ECM fails, the user is prompted to save locally or just retry later. (Ref: SD-3526)

  • Notification when a File is added to Pending Items when Offline: In the event Shinydrive is Offline, and you attempt to upload files, you will now receive a notification when each file is added to the Pending Items list. (Ref: SD-3513)

  • Notification if ECM is not reachable: In the event that the ECM is not reachable, better notification is now provided to the user. (Ref: SD-3525)

  • Default Import Threads set to 1: Previously, Shinydrive shipped with the default Import Threads value set to 3. This can cause issues in certain configurations, so changing this default value to 1 as of this release. (Ref: 3568)

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