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Shinydrive Windows Client March 2021/ Release Notes

Product: Shinydrive Windows Client


Date: March 15, 2021

  • Improved Support for Drag-and-Drop for a Large Number of Files: We’ve made improvements with regard to stability when uploading a large number of files either via drag-and-drop or Desktop Import. (Ref: SD-4007)

  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with .xls files around reserving and not refreshing cache when multiple users are involved. (Ref: SD-4040, SD-4056)

  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where if a regional date format uses a “.”, drag-and-drop and Desktop Import failed to upload these documents. (Ref: SD-4021)

  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with Office 97 – 2003 document types (.doc, .xls, .ppt for example), where documents that were unreserved were still opening as “Read-Only”. (ref: SD-4049).

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