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Product: Discovery Server


Date: April 23, 2020

  • Search Result Click Behavior: You are now able to configure how you wish clicking on a search result to work with Discovery Search – it can either download the referenced file or simply copy to your Windows clipboard. Which of these is used is controlled by what is recorded in the web.config file. (Ref: CT-882)

  • Performance Improvement for Permission Checks: We’ve improved the method whereby we check Content Server permissions of objects to display in Discovery Search by checking them in “bulk”. (Ref: CT-839)

  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where the Previous and next buttons were not being displayed in some circumstances. (Ref. CT-749, CT-750)

  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where clicking on the home link did not work as expected when hosted as a subsite. (Ref. CT-912)

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