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Version 1.3.2

Product: Discovery Server

Version: 1.3.2

Date: July 2, 2020

  • Limit Results to Discoverable Items: You can now control which items are “discoverable” in the Analytics Engine. In your IIS Web.config file, we make use of the value SearchableFieldName (which specifies the name of the field) and SearchableFieldEnabled which is set to the value “true” or “false”. Set to “true” to only show those results that have that value, or set to “false” to block results that have that value. (Ref: CT-933)

  • Allow End-Users to Remove Sensitive Items from Search Results: As a companion to the ability to limit search results to discoverable items, Discovery Search now also includes an easy method for end-users to “flag” items that should not be displayed. Beside each result there is now a flag icon, which when clicked prompts the user to record why this record should be hidden from view (with values such as “Contains sensitive information”), which once submitted immediately hides that result from all future search results. (Ref: CT-936)

  • Dynamic String Substitution for Searching: In order to make repeated searching for long strings (such as a long path name) an easier process, by making use of the PathReplacement.json file (in the Configuration folder), you can specify strings what will be dynamically substituted in the Discovery Search input box. Via this method, a simple search string (for example: MyPath) could be used to substitute into a very long path that would be difficult to type in repeatedly for searches. (Ref: CT-949)

  • Document Status/Result Highlighting: Search results can now be highlighted with a specific string and colour, by making use of the ResultTags.json file (in the Configuration folder). So (for example), the string could be “Published”, with the colour green or alternatively could be “Draft”, with the colour yellow. See the example in that folder for how to set this up. (Ref: CT-973, CT-999)

  • Search Button on Results Pages: Result pages now include a “Search” button for enabling easy searching from that page. (Ref: CT-959)

  • Previous Button: Discovery Search result pages now include a “Previous” button for more easily navigating back to the previous result page. (Ref: CT-998)

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