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Product: Discovery Search


Date: October 2, 2020

  • Advanced Search Template: Discovery Search now has an Advanced Search option for searching by pre-defined fields. Displayed as a link by the search box, clicking on this opens up an Advanced Search template that can be configured by an Administrator via the AdvancedSearchConfiguration.json file (in the Configuration folder). (Ref: CT-965)

  • Improved User Experience – “Searching” Feedback: We’ve updated the user experience so that the user sees a series of “searching” feedback messages while they are waiting for their result. These can be configured via the loader-messages.json file found in the Scripts/templates folder. (Ref: CT-1362, CT-1366)

  • Improved User Experience – Click to Preview : We’ve updated the preview pane so that it “slides” out from the right when you click on the document summary information. (Ref: CT-1361)

  • Improved User Experience – Search Box Always Visible: We’ve updated the user experience so that the search box is now always visible at the top of the page, ready to execute another search. (Ref: CT-1363)

  • Improved User Experience – Improved Preview Pane Titles: We’ve improved the user experience so that the preview pane now shows better titles for what it is displaying – for example, Type, Location, Size and Dates. (Ref: CT-1365)

  • Improved User Experience – Limit Wildcard Searching: As searching against wildcards (” “, “”, “*” and “?”) will not return any meaningful results, these have been disabled in order to encourage users to use more specific searches to find what they are looking for. (Ref: CT-1291)

  • Improved Performance – Limit Search by User Credentials: Discovery Server now supports the option of limiting searches against a specific drive by user credentials. For the specified drive, once configured, searches against it will only include folders that have the user’s identity in the path. The options for setting this up are configurable via the IdentityFilteredIndices.json file (in the Configuration folder). (Ref: CT-1298)

  • Search Analytics: Discovery Search now ships with analytics which keeps track of what users are searching on. The options for this can be configured by an Administrator via the Web.config IIS file where the analytics index name is specified. To view the analytics in the Visualizer, follow the instructions here to upgrade your dashboards and visualizations. (Ref: CT-1374)

  • Report Document Button: The “flag” icon has been replaced with a “Report Document” button in the document preview pane for the purpose of reporting documents that should not be displayed. (Ref: CT-1359)

  • Configurable Report File Reasons: As a companion to the Discovery Search Report Document feature to be able to hide items from view, the options that are presented to the user are configurable via the ReportModalOptions.json file (in the Configuration folder). (Ref: CT-1158)

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