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Product: Discovery Server


Date: March 24, 2021

  • Performance Improvements: Significant performance improvements associated with file permission checks have been introduced in this release of Discovery Search. (Ref: DISCO-1)

  • Boolean Search Options: Discovery Search now offers easy-to-use dropdown options for phrase searching from the main search landing page. Users can now quickly search for phrases which contain “Any of the words” (ie. Boolean OR), “All of the words” (ie. Boolean AND) or the “Exact phrase” without knowing the required search syntax. (Ref: DISCO-35)

  • Multiple Advanced Search Templates: Discovery Search now allows administrators to configure multiple advanced search templates, rather than one single advanced search template. This presents administrators with many more options to help users narrow their search results in targeted Content Sources or index fields. (Ref: DISCO-129)

  • Filter by Content Source: For a more focused and relevant result set, Discovery Search now allows users to select a Content Source to filter their search results from the initial landing page. Previously, this required selecting the Content Source after performing a search. (Ref: DISCO-130)

  • Contextual Facets: To allow users to significantly and meaningfully filter the result set, Discovery Search now allows administrators to configure Contextual Facets which adjust automatically based on the Content Source selected by the user and present filtering options via a familiar user experience. (Ref: DISCO-133)

  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with Advanced Search where the autocomplete option is not presented until the user enters a character. (Ref: DISCO-162)

  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where no results are be returned if an index name is listed in SourceFiltersConfiguration.json but not in web.config. (Ref: DISCO-3)

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