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Version 1.5.4

Product: Discovery Server

Version: 1.5.4

Date: June 29, 2021

  • New User Experience: This release of Discovery Search represents a significant leap forward for the end user experience. Great care has been given to the underlying platform upon which Discovery Search is built and this focus has allowed Shinydocs to rapidly introduce a number of exciting new product features and enhancements while simultaneously improving the quality, performance and stability of the platform. (Ref: DISCO-206)

  • Side Bar and Infinite Scrolling: The end user experience has been significantly improved through the addition of a set of features to both lock the search filters on the left side bar of the search results page, pinning them to the top, while also introducing an “infinite scroll” for search results as a replacement for paginated results. (Ref: DISCO-19)

  • User Personalization: End users for Discovery Search can now begin to personalize their experience through the addition of a user preferences menu in the top right corner of the navigation bar. Specifically, end users can set personal preferences for whether the Discovery Search document preview appears by default or not, whether the text in the document preview is word-wrapped or not, and finally whether the display for Discovery Search is shown in either the standard mode or a new “dark” mode, which is suitable for low light conditions. (Ref: DISCO-32, DISCO-36)

  • Date Range Search Filters: Discovery Search now includes an option for administrators to configure Date and Date Range pickers within both the filters sidebar and within advanced search templates. (Ref: DISCO-152, DISCO-153)

  • Expanded Colour Palette: When setting up Result Tags in Discovery Search, administrators now have a greatly expanded colour palette and options for greater customization for how the result tags are presented. (Ref: DISCO-135)

  • Greater Than / Lesser Than Search Filters: Discovery search now includes an option for administrators to configure greater than and lesser than pickers within both the filters sidebar and within advanced search templates. (DISCO-151)

  • Search Contains: Discovery Search now presents users with a search option in the search “omnibar” to specify whether the term is contained within a long string. This allows end users to search for a specific string of characters within a larger string which can be particularly useful if only a portion of the string is known or partially available. (Ref: DISCO-226)

  • Sort Search Results: Discovery Search now allows the end user to specify their preferred sort order either before or after executing a search. Search sorting is also highly configurable by the administrator and, depending on the data set and the Shinydocs Index, can be set to sort by “Best Match” (default), size, date, etc. (Ref: DISCO-241)

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