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Product: Cognitive Toolkit


Date: November 13, 2019

  • Table Key Lookup (TKL) Support for Migrate to Content Server: The Cognitive Toolkit migration tools now support Content Server Table Key Lookup (TKL) Categories. (CT-458)

  • Subsite Support for Migrate SharePoint to Content Server: The Cognitive Toolkit MigrateSharePointToContentServer tool now supports SharePoint subsites. (CT-479)

  • Managed Metadata Custom Column Support for SharePoint: The Cognitive Toolkit MigrateSharePointToContentServer tool now supports managed metadata custom columns. (CT-506)

  • Ability to Limit Text Extraction for Large Files: The Cognitive Toolkit AddExtractedText tool now includes the “–max-characters” parameter, which allows you to specify the maximum number of characters to save in the extracted text field in the Shinydocs Index. The default is no limit. (Ref: CT-503)

  • Default Change for Large File Support for Content Server Migration: The default value for “large” files has been changed to 10 MB. For tools that migrate to Content Server (e.g.: MigrateToContentServer), see –help for –large-file-threshold for details. (Ref: CT-483)

  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue when migrating to Content Server (when setting Attribute or Content Server Classifications values), when the Insight added to the Shinydocs Index was added by the eDiscovery Tool (which sets the Insight as an array entry). (Ref: CT-485, CT-495)

  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where when using the –path-prefix-to-remove option for the MigrateToContentServer tool, files whose parent folder matches the exclusion folder were not migrated. (Ref: CT-500)

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