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Shinydocs Professional 3.1.0 (November 2023)

The complete contents of the release include both Shinydocs Platform Professional 3.1.0 (including Cognitive Suite CLI) as well as Shinydocs Enterprise Search 1.12.0.

What's New?

Shinydocs Professional 3.1.0 includes the following key features:

  • Shinydocs Professional now supports multiple datasets (indexes), allowing users to create separate Projects in Shinydocs Professional, each of which can be managed separately.

  • Shinydocs Professional now includes a comprehensive audit function, allowing users to stay up to date or verify which major activities have occurred in Shinydocs Professional, when those activities were performed, and by which users.

  • Shinydocs Professional now includes enterprise-level capabilities for crawling Microsoft Teams messages and attachments via the Cognitive Toolkit CLI. Support for Microsoft Teams in Enterprise Search will be coming in a future release.

  • The Shinydocs Professional bundle installer now includes Enterprise Search and Shinydocs Protocol Handler by default. These items no longer need to be manually installed.

  • Shinydocs Professional now includes as a license page so that admin users can update or replace the existing license file through the interface.

  • The Shinydocs Enterprise Search Admin Panel now offers a Dark Mode! Additionally, users can select a separate logo for Dark Mode users.

  • Shinydocs Enterprise Search now uses Kestrel by default to host the web server. Optionally, customers may continue to use Microsoft IIS if it is preferred.

Fixed Issues:

  • Fixed an issue with the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) processing in the Shinydocs Professional Control Center. This improvement improves the stability of this function and significantly improves application performance for Shinydocs Professional.

Additional Notes:

  • For administrators, please note that the log level has been changed to Warning for all Shinydocs components, making it easier to identify issues, should they occur. This setting can be adjusted down to the Information level in the config files, if necessary.

  • For administrators, please note that Shinydocs Enterprise Search 1.12.0, which is bundled with this release, now checks for a valid license. If the Shinydocs Professional Control Center has not been setup to manage the license, it will be necessary to manually add the license file (License-*.xml) to the following directory %ProgramData%\Shinydocs\Search\License. If needed, please contact Shinydocs Customer Success for assistance.

  • For administrators, please note that with this release, OpenSearch 2.9 and 2.10 are supported. OpenSearch 2.9 is bundled with this release. OpenSearch 2.11 is not yet supported at this time.

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