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Configuring Duplicate File Detection in Multiple Indices

Shinydocs Review automatically detects duplicate files that reside in the same index. You may also want to detect duplicate files in Content Server, that span multiple indices.

Update the application settings in the Workflow Service to turn this feature on.

  1. Navigate to C:\Program Files\Shinydocs\Automation Workflow

  2. Open the new appsettings-workflow.json file with a text editor

  3. Locate the DuplicateIndexPattern parameter

  4. Update this parameter with a comma-separated list of indices or an asterisk (wildcard)

  5. Save

  6. Run Services.msc

  7. Locate and restart the Shinydocs Workflow service

If the DuplicateIndexPattern parameter is empty, the Workflow service will only look for duplicate files in the Index parameter.

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