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Updating the Workflow Plugin

  1. Read Prerequisites for Shinydocs Review to determine if there are new prerequisites that should be downloaded and installed

  2. Run Services.msc

  3. Locate and Stop the Shinydocs Workflow service

  4. Download the new Workflow Plugin package

  5. Right-click on the zip file and Unblock

  6. Apply

  7. Extract the contents

  8. Replace the new appsettings.json file with your old appsettings.json file to retain your configurations

    1. Backup a copy of the new appsettings.json file

    2. Navigate to the folder that contains the old Workflow Plugin

    3. Copy the old appsettings.json file and paste it into the new Workflow Plugin folder (replacing the one that is there)

    4. Compare the backup copy of the new appsettings.json file to the old file to make sure any new settings are also brought over to the old file

  9. Navigate to the folder that contains the Workflow Plugin

  10. If you are saving the new Workflow Plugin in a different location than the old one, open the appsettings.json file using a text file editor

    1. Update the AssemblyPath value with the path to the new location of the Workflow Plugin

    2. Ensure the backslashes are escaped by prepending a backslash (for example, C:\\Shinydocs Review\\Workflow Plugin)

    3. Save changes

  11. Run Services.msc

  12. Locate and Restart the Shinydocs Workflow service

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