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Shinydocs Review (02.2024)

New features, feature enhancements, and fixed issues that are part of the Shinydocs™ Review (February 2024) release.

What’s New?

The Shinydocs Automation Suite has a new name: Shinydocs Review!

This release also introduces the capability to track document definition and metadata updates by users, a Completeness Gauge, and duplicate file detection across multiple indices.

New Features

Accuracy Analytics


Shinydocs Review now stores data in a new index called automator-event-log. The purpose of this index is to give administrators the ability to monitor document updates and event actions.

All user-driven event actions, including the save as a draft action, are recorded with the user’s unique ID. Any updates that users make to the document definition and metadata in Shinydocs Review are recorded individually in this index. Metadata changes logged to this new index include the document name, the document definition, the event type, the field name, the original field value, the new field value, the date and timestamp of the update, and who made the change.

How to enable

To initialize the new index, perform an update to a record with the Review application.

Use the Visualizer to view user-driven document updates. Install the Analytics Engine, access the Visualizer, create the index pattern then view the data. For more details read Viewing Index Data with the Visualizer.

Completeness Gauge


We have implemented a Completeness Gauge that aims to help users prioritize their Review work. There is a new column called Complete? on the Review homepage where documents are listed. The completeness of a document is rendered as a fractional value in this column, based on the number of metadata fields prepopulated by the Workflow Plugin.

How to enable

This feature is available for all users by default on the Review homepage. Users can also filter documents on the homepage by levels of completeness.

Duplicate File Detection in Multiple Indices


Shinydocs Review automatically detects duplicate files that reside in the same index. Now you can configure the Workflow Service to detect duplicate files in Content Server, that span multiple indices.

How to enable

Update a new parameter (DuplicateIndexPattern) in the Workflow Service appsettings-workflow.json file. Read Configuring Duplicate File Detection in Multiple Indices for more details.


Required fields can be left blank when saving a draft


Previously, users were forced to fill in all Required fields before saving a draft. Now users can save drafts with empty Required fields.

Administrators can exit cleanly out of the Workflow Service install wizard on the final step


After you click the Install button, the install wizard prompts you for Windows Service Account credentials. Until now there was no way to exit out of the install wizard from this step. The X button in the top right corner was greyed out. We have fixed this such that the X button is enabled in the Service Account Configuration step. If you exit out of the install wizard without setting up the Windows Service Account, Workflow will be installed but the service itself will not be. You must go through the installation again to finish setting up the credentials for the service to be configured and ready to run.

Users can publish without a connection to Content Server


Previously, when a user attempted to publish a document update while the ShowConfirmationTable property in the appsettings.json file was set to true and there was no connection to Content Server, the Review application would crash. Now users can publish updates without a connection to Content Server regardless of the ShowConfirmationTable property state.

Improved logging for Workflow Service startup failures


We have implemented informative logs when the Workflow Service fails on startup. For example, if the Workflow Service encounters an unexpected Workflow Plugin, you will find a BadImageFormatException with details in the logs.


.NET 7.0 support


With security and performance in mind, we have updated the Shinydocs Review prerequisites, replacing .NET 6.0 with .NET 7.0. Before updating to the latest Review, please download and install the .NET 7.0 components as outlined in Prerequisites for Shinydocs Review.

Cognitive Toolkit 2.10 Compatibility


Shinydocs Review 2.5.0 is shipping with Cognitive Toolkit 2.10. Read the Release Notes for more details.

Fixed Issues

Updates to the DocumentTypeFieldName property prevented Review from identifying the document type


We have fixed an issue where the Review application would not be able to identify the document type if the DocumentTypeFieldName property value in the appsettings.json file was updated to something other than the default (for example, automator_document_type).

What’s Coming?

We are building a new dashboard called Accuracy Analytics Dashboard. This new dashboard, informed by the automator-event-log index, will help you answer the questions “How accurate are our definitions?”, Which definitions are most/least accurate?”, and “How accurate and effective is this product in its role in our data project?”.

OpenSearch will be available with Shinydocs Review soon.

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