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Using the Review Dashboard in the Visualizer

The Review Dashboard allows you to track activity performed with the Review application on the index data.

If you have not imported the dashboard into the Visualizer please refer to Setting Up Dashboards in the Visualizer.

Preparing to Use the Review Dashboard

Creating the 'time-saved' Scripted Field

When generating a dashboard, based on the Automation index pattern, there is a scripted field that needs to be manually created so that the 'Time Saved' (time_saved index field) field displays. This scripted field needs to be created only once. It can then be used in any visualization or dashboard that references the index pattern.

  1. Log into the Visualizer

  2. Select Management

  3. Select the Automation index

  4. Click the Scripted fields tab

  5. Click Add scripted field and enter the following:

    1. Name: time_saved

    2. Language: painless

    3. Type: number

    4. Format: Duration

    5. Input: Seconds

    6. Output: Human Readable

    7. Popularity: 0

    8. Script: 300 - doc['automationStatus.reviewedDuration'].value

  6. Click Create Field

300 is the amount of time (in seconds) it would take to manually extract data from one document and add the file, fully attributed, into the correct folder structure in the ECM. This number should reflect the customer’s appropriate estimate, for example:

  • 300 seconds = 5 minutes

  • 600 seconds = 10 minutes

  • 720 seconds = 12 minutes

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