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Digital Text Extraction Document Types

These are the file types are eligible for digital text extraction in Shinydocs Pro

Text and Documents 

  • TXT (Plain Text Files) 

  • RTF (Rich Text Format) 

  • DOC (Microsoft Word Document) 

  • DOCX (Microsoft Word Open XML Document) 

  • DOCM (Word Open XML Macro-Enabled Document) 

  • DOT (Word Document Template) 

  • DOTX (Word Open XML Document Template) 

  • ODT (OpenDocument Text Document) 

  • WRI (Microsoft Write Document) 

  • PDF (Portable Document Format) 

  • XML (extensible Markup Language) 


  • XLS (Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet) 

  • XLSX (Microsoft Excel Open XML Spreadsheet) 

  • XLSB (Excel Binary Workbook) 

  • XLTX (Excel Template) 

  • XLTM (Excel Macro-Enabled Template) 

  • XLT (Excel Template) 

  • XLSM (Excel Macro-Enabled Workbook) 

  • ODS (OpenDocument Spreadsheet) 


  • PPT (PowerPoint Presentation) 

  • PPTX (PowerPoint Open XML Presentation) 

  • PPTM (PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Presentation) 

  • PPS (PowerPoint Slide Show) 

  • PPSX (PowerPoint Open XML Slide Show) 

  • POT (PowerPoint Template) 

  • POTX (PowerPoint Open XML Template) 

Graphics and Design 

  • AI (Adobe Illustrator File) 

  • SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) 

  • DWG (AutoCAD Drawing) 

  • PS (PostScript File) 


  • MSG (Outlook Mail Message) 

  • EML (Email Message) 

Scripts and Code 

  • PS1 (PowerShell Script File) 

  • REG (Registry File) 

  • CHM (Compiled HTML Help File) 

Database and Data Files 

  • CSV (Comma Separated Values File) 

  • XML (extensible Markup Language) - Also fits here due to its use in data structuring. 

Project Files 

  • VSD (Visio Drawing File) 

  • VSDX (Visio Drawing File, XML format) 

Backup and Miscellaneous 

  • WBK (Word Backup File) 

  • ODP (OpenDocument Presentation) 


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