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Endpoint Protection Considerations for Shinydocs Pro

Endpoint protection includes anti-malware, anti-virus, and other file scanning loss prevention software. For the performance and stability of Shinydocs Pro, ensure you have set up the proper exclusions with your organization’s endpoint protection solution. While these items should be scanned before they are installed, we do not recommend day-to-day operation without exclusions.

Endpoint protection software can be configured to accommodate the needs of Shinydocs Pro and manage exceptions. Please refer to your software’s documentation to help implement these exclusions.

Your installation locations may be different if you changed the <installation folder> during installation, the default is the C:\Program Files\Shinydocs Pro\ folder.

Path Exclusions

  • <installation folder>

    • \ControlCenter

    • C:\ProgramData\Shinydocs

    • Also, if the index has been moved to it’s own location, i.e. E:\ShinyIndex\data, this should be excluded as well.

Did you know?

There can be a major throughput performance impact when analyzing file shares that have on-access scanning enabled. With on-access scanning enabled at the file source, all files analyzed by Shinydocs Pro will first be scanned by your endpoint protection scanning process which can lead to slower than expected performance.

Shinydocs Pro does not store the files being analyzed, only the metadata and text.

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