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Search Administration - Configuring Loader Messages

Administrators can configure loader messages to be displayed to end users while a search is running.  


One or more Messages can be created.  They will be displayed sequentially and asynchronously before a search completes. By default three (3) messages are configured: 

  1. Searching 

  1. Verifying permissions, enforcing security 

  1. Searching for more results 

If search results are returned quickly, not all Messages are displayed. 


Configuring Loader messages 

  1. Open the Enterprise Search Administration site 

  1. Select Loader messages from the side menu, under Configure 

Adding a message 

  1. Click + Add message 

  1. Enter text in the Message field 

  1. Select the Language the text is in 

  1. Save changes 

To remove a message, click the X to the right of the message row and save changes. 

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