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How to manually remove all Shinydocs Pro components

When should you manually remove Shinydocs Pro components?

Shinydocs Pro 3.1 and newer releases (ie. 24.x) should automatically remove all components (services, applications and files) when performing a typical uninstall. However, older versions of Shinydocs Pro may not properly remove all the components, so you may need to manually remove some components to get the system back to a clean state, ready to install the newest version.


Follow these instructions to remove all Shinydocs Pro components and restore your system to a clean state:

  1. Shut down the Shinydocs Services:

    1. Shinydocs Control Center

    2. Shinydocs Dashboards

    3. Shinydocs Extraction Service

    4. Shinydocs Search

    5. Shinydocs Search Engine

  2. Run the uninstall for each of the above applications (they are all named the same as their service name)

  3. Delete the following folders on your computer:

    1. C:\ProgramData\shinydocs\*  (hidden)

    2. C:\Program Files\Shinydocs*

  4. If the uninstall did not remove the Shinydocs services from your system, you will need to manually remove the Windows registry:

    1. Open the registry editor  (eg run regedit.exe)

    2. Navigate to:

    3. Delete these registry entries if they exist:

      1. shinydocs-control-center

      2. shinydocs-dashboards

      3. shinydocs-extraction

      4. shinydocs-search

      5. shinydocs-search-engine

  5. Restart your computer for the changes to take effect

All components of Shinydocs Pro have been removed.  Your computer should be ready to install a new copy of Shinydocs Pro

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