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Aggregating Drives from the Same Content Source

This feature is available with Shinydrive version or later.

Drives from the same content source can be aggregated into one.

Before aggregating drives, set up a content source in DRIVES & PROFILES.

Drives from different content sources cannot be aggregated (for example, a Content Server drive with a Documentum drive).

Set up the Drive

  1. Log into the Shinydrive Admin Panel

  2. Select the DRIVES & PROFILES menu item

  3. In the DRIVES section, click the +Add Drive button

  4. Enter a name value in the Drive Name field

  5. Select a letter that is to be assigned to the aggregate drive

  6. Select the Aggregate Drive radio button

  7. Check the drives that are to be aggregated

  8. Click the Add button

The aggregated drive will not be available until a Profile has been set up.

Set up the Profile

  1. In the PROFILES section, click the +Add Profile button

  2. Enter a name value in the Name field

  3. Select a drive(s), including the aggregate drive

  4. Click the Add button

Users will see the new aggregate drive after they disconnect and then reconnect to the new Profile in Shinydrive.

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