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Automatically Clearing the Shinydrive Cache

Having a good-sized cache is one of the benefits of Shinydrive. It saves you from having to go back to the ECM and re-downloading a file that you already have downloaded (and is in your cache). You can set a schedule for automatic cache clearing.

  1. Log in to the Shinydrive Admin panel

  2. Navigate to Drives and Profiles

  3. Select the profile with which you wish to use this feature.

  4. Select Advanced Settings

  5. Scroll to the Client Cache section

  6. Enter the frequency, in days, you wish the cache to be cleared. For example, if you wish the cache to be cleared weekly, enter 7.

  7. Select Done to save your changes and close the Advanced Options page.

  8. Select Save to save your changes and close the Profile page.

Users must exit and restart the Shinydrive Client application for these changes to take effect.

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