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Checking Component Versions

When updating Shinydrive, it’s important to ensure that you always have the most recent version of each component installed. The simplest method to review the versions of most Shinydrive Components (Shinydrive Windows Client, Shiny App Finder, Shinydrive Outlook and Office plug-in, and the Windows Driver) is through the Apps & Features page within Windows Settings. 

Basic Step-by-step guide

  1. Open Windows Settings

  2. Select 'Apps'

  3. In the search field located in the center of the page type the component you wish to review 

  4. Select the component from the list to review the version

As of Shinydrive V2.5.1.3 the Shinydrive Windows Driver now utilizes the Dokan Library. To identify the version you are utilizing search for "Dokan Library" within the Apps & Features window. 

Below, find additional instructions on how to check for the installed versions of the following Shinydrive Components within the application. 

Shinydrive Windows Client

  1. If Shinydrive is running, right-click on the tray icon (top right corner of your screen)

  2. The version number is located at the bottom of the page

Shinydrive Server

  1. Navigate to the Admin Panel

  2. Version # is listed at the bottom of the webpage

Content Server “Shinydrive Service” Module

  1. Log in to Content Server web interface

  2. Select Admin

  3. Open the Content Server Administration Panel

  4. Open the Module Administration

  5. View the Uninstallable Modules

  6. Shinydrive Service should be listed as an Installed Module along with its Version #

Shinydrive Middleware (sd-csws.war)

  1. Open your Tomcat folder

  2. Open the Webapps folder

  3. Look for sd-csws.war and check the date under Date modified

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