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Shinydrive Server Prerequisites for Content Server

Hardware Requirements

Minimum Requirements


  • Windows OS (Server 2012 R2+)

  • 2 Processor Cores

  • 8 GB RAM

  • Windows 64-Bit OS (Server 2012 R2+)

  • 4 Processor Cores

  • 16+ GB RAM

Software Requirements



Link to Download

Latest Version from Shinydocs

OpenText Shinydrive for Content Server and Documentum

Java 8 (JRE/JDK/OpenJDK)

If using OpenText Content Server version 16.2.6 or earlier

Java 11 (JRE/JDK/OpenJDK)

If using OpenText Content Server version 16.2.7 or later


If using OpenText Content Server version 16.2.7 or later, use version 1.1.1

Updating Shinydrive and Content Server 16.2.7 (and above) to work with Java 11

Apache Tomcat

8.5+ (with the exception of 8.5.16)

Please use the 32/64-bit Windows Service Installer

.NET Framework


Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2019


VSTO Runtime

If using Microsoft Office with Shinydrive

Pay special attention to the appropriate Java version and whether or not the activation.jar is required for installing the Shinydrive server.


  • Account with Administrator Privileges

  • Security and Data Loss Prevention exclusions for Shinydrive

Content Server Installation

Please have the cws.war file from the Content Server to which you will be connecting on hand.

This can be found in OPENTEXT\webservices\java\webapps

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