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Specifying an Alternate Drive Location for the Shinydrive Cache

This article applies to Shinydrive Server version 2.5.1 and later.

Shinydrive makes it easy to specify an alternate drive location for a user's Shinydrive Windows desktop client cache. 

To use the right-click function 'Copy Records Management URL to Clipboard' within Shinydrive, the OpenText Content Server location needs to be set in the Shinydrive Admin panel.

  1. Log in to the Shinydrive Admin panel

  2. Navigate to Drives and Profiles

  3. Select the profile with which you wish to use this feature.

  4. Select Advanced Settings

  5. Scroll to the Context Menu section

  6. Enter your Content Server URL

  7. Select Done to save your changes and close the Advanced Options page.

  8. Select Save to save your changes and close the Profile page.

  9. Users will need to exit and restart Shinydrive for the changes to take effect.

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