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Configuring Profile Performance settings

Performance factors can be modified per Profile. These settings include:

  • Explorer Refresh

  • Unallowed Files

  • Import Upload Threads

  • Managed Move Threads

  • Max File Size

  • Page Size

  • Time to wait for page

  1. Log into Shinydrive Admin

  2. Navigate to DRIVES & PROFILES

  3. Select Advanced Settings of the Profile you want to update

  4. Scroll down to the Others section

  5. Update the setting

  6. Click Done

  7. Save

Explorer Refresh

This setting prevents Windows Explorer from constantly refreshing (and occasionally locking) when users upload many files at a time (for example, 50).

Unallowed Files

Unallowed files are file types that are ignored by Shinydrive, as configured in the Forbidden list. Refer to Configuring the Shinydrive Allowed/Forbidden Lists for more information.

Shinydrive ignores file types specified in the Forbidden Regex if the Ignore Unallowed Files setting is checked. If these files exist in OpenText Content Server, Shinydrive ignores any operations that the user tries to complete on them.

Import Upload Threads

This setting relates to Desktop Import, allowing users to import files directly from their desktops to Shinydrive. It affects the number of threads the importer uses by limiting the number of files it tries to upload simultaneously. By default, the importer processes three items at a time.

We do not recommend going above 3 at a time, as this may negatively impact your ECM’s performance.

Max File Size

This setting refers to the maximum file size, in bytes, that can be uploaded through Shinydrive. The default value is 50 MB.

Users must exit and restart the Shinydrive Client application for changes to take effect.

Windows will not allow an upload of a file larger than the free space available on the drive. Ensure there is enough space available in the drive configuration.

When users right-click on a file and select Import to Records Management the Max File Size value does not apply.

Page Size

Setting this value too high may result in stability issues with Shinydrive.

By default, Shinydrive will pull 100 items at a time which is suitable for most deployments. You may want to change this setting if you have large folder structures (for example, 500).

Time to wait for page

The default value for this setting is five seconds. If an OpenText Content Server folder/directory with a large number of files takes longer than five seconds to load, Shinydrive pushes that task into the background.

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