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Configuring the Shinydrive Office Add-in for a Profile

The Shinydrive Office Add-in allows users to reserve files while editing any Microsoft Office file. 

The Office Add-in installer can be found in the extracted Shinydrive Suite .zip file. Users can check if it is already installed by looking for Shinydrive Office Add-in in Windows Programs and Features, in the Control Panel.

Users must have both the Shinydrive Office Add-in and the Shinydrive Client installed on their machines.

Users must Exit and restart the Shinydrive Client application for changes to take effect.

Automatically Reserving Office Documents

Microsoft Office documents can be automatically reserved and unreserved, as a user opens and closes them.

  1. Log into Shinydrive Admin

  2. Select DRIVES & PROFILES from the left side menu

  3. Select Advanced Settings of the Profile you want to update

  4. Under the Office Add-in section check Enable Automatic Reservation 

  5. Scroll to the bottom and click Done

  6. Save

Ensuring Documents are Uploaded Only When “Unreserved”

By default, Shinydrive is set to automatically upload documents when saved. There are times when this behaviour is undesirable. For example, it can put an organization at risk to have draft versions of procedural documents uploaded prior to being approved. In cases like this, you may want to set Shinydrive to Upload documents only when the version has been approved and "Unreserved". 

  1. Navigate to PROFILES

  2. Click Edit for the Profile you want to enable this feature for

  3. Open Advanced Settings

  4. Under the Office Add-in section check Enable Wait to Upload

  5. Scroll to the bottom and click Done

  6. Save

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