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Managing Connectivity for Profiles

There are a couple of connectivity features that may be useful for your Shinydrive users:

  • Connector Ping

  • Auto-redirect

Enabling Connectivity Features

  1. Log into Shinydrive Admin

  2. Navigate to DRIVES & PROFILES

  3. Select Advanced Settings of the Profile you want to update

  4. Scroll to the Connectivity section

  5. Check the desired connectivity feature

  6. Click Done

  7. Save

  8. Restart the Shinydrive server

Connector Ping

This feature is only compatible with OpenText Content Server.

The Connector Ping enables Shinydrive to detect if OpenText Content Server is reachable. 

If the OpenText Content Server is unreachable, the Shinydrive client is automatically placed in an offline state, allowing users to continue working with cached files.

Once Content Server is reachable again, Shinydrive resumes its online state. Any changes made while offline are synced. 


If the Shinydrive server has a redirect, Client requests are automatically routed to it.

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