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Performance Issues with Shinydrive and Tomcat version 8.5.10


When navigating around with Shinydrive your desktop seems to slow down and becomes unresponsive at times.


This could be caused by having Tomcat version 8.5.10 installed, Apache has a reported memory leak for this version of Tomcat.


  1. Check your Tomcat version

  2. If you have Tomcat version 8.5 installed, it is recommended to uninstall this version of Tomcat:

    1. Backup your Shinydrive .war files in C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 8.5\webapps

      1. sd-csws.war

      2. cws.war

      3. shinydrive-server.war

  3. Uninstall Tomcat through Programs and Features

  4. Recommend to download the latest version of Tomcat version 8.5, but Tomcat version 9 also works.

  5. Put the .war files back into the web-apps folder in Tomcat.

  6. Restart Tomcat.

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