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Preparing OpenText Content Server

Install the ShinydocsService Module in your instance of Content Server and activate Shinydrive Content Server Search after the Shinydrive Server is installed.

Installing the ShinydocsService Module on Content Server

  1. Extract the contents of the ShinydocsService zip file into the OpenText™ Content Server staging folder

  2. Log into Content Server

  3. Navigate to Admin > Content Server Administration

  4. Navigate to Module Configuration

  5. Select Install Modules

  6. Select and install the ShinydocsService module for Content Server

  7. Restart Content Server

Activating Shinydrive Content Server Search

  1. Log into Content Server

  2. Navigate to Admin > Content Server Administration

  3. Select Open System Object Volume in the Search Administration section

  4. Select to the Data Source Folder (for example, Enterprise Data Source Folder)

  5. Select the down-arrow of the Search Manager (for example, Enterprise Search Manager) and navigate to Properties > Regions

  6. Find each of the following and ensure all boxes are checked for each:
    a. OTDataID
    b. OTDataSize
    c. OTLocation
    d. OTName
    e. OTMIMEType
    f. OTSubTypeName

  7. If you made changes, press Apply

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