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Setting the Maximum Cache Size

The maximum cache size is set to 30% by default. This setting for the user's cache can be changed to dictate how large you want their cache to grow. 

  1. Log into the Shinydrive Admin panel

  2. Navigate to Drives and Profiles

  3. Select the profile with which you wish to use this feature.

  4. Select Advanced Settings

  5. Scroll to the Client Cache section

  6. Add the appropriate percentage (including the % symbol) or value in bytes you wish to set 

  7. Select Done to save your changes and close the Advanced Options page

  8. Select Save to save your changes and close the Profile page

The maximum size can be expressed as a percentage (Integer only) of the available disk size where the cache is located, or a value (in bytes) of the maximum size (so 100000000 is equivalent to 100 MB).

Users must exit and restart the Shinydrive Client application for these changes to take effect.

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