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Setting up a Drive for OpenText Content Server

In this article, we will identify and set the drive that mounts the content source to Windows file explorer.

Before mapping a drive, ensure a Content Source has been added.

  1. Log into Shinydrive Admin

  2. Select DRIVES & PROFILES from the left side menu

  3. In the DRIVES section, press +Add Drive

  4. Enter a Drive Name, excluding Windows restricted characters (for example, /, . , or \)

  5. Select a drive letter value

  6. Select a value from the Source dropdown

  7. Enter a value in the Root ID field (refer to Root ID table below for values)

  8. Review Advanced Settings and make any appropriate changes

  9. Add

It is not necessary to add a different Personal Workspace for each user. Shinydrive will employ users' credentials to bring up their Personal Workspace.

Root ID Values

Source Type


Root ID Value

Content Server



Content Server



After adding a Drive, assign the drive to a Profile.

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