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Setting up OpenText Content Server as a Source

You can use localhost if the Tomcat instance is running sd-csws.war and shinydrive-server.war.

  1. Log into Shinydrive Admin

  2. Select DRIVES & PROFILES from the left side menu

  3. In the CONTENT SOURCES section press +Add Source

  4. Enter a Name for the connection

  5. Select OpenText Content Server in Type

  6. Add

  7. Enter the Server URL to your Content Server (for example, or http://acmecorp/otcs/llisapi.dll)

  8. Confirm the Shinydrive Service URL is the network location that is hosting sd-csws.war in Tomcat, including the port if different than the default 8080 (for example, http://localhost:8080/sd-csws/services/Shinydrive)

  9. Confirm the Web Services Base URL is pointing to the deployed cws.war file in Tomcat, the same network location as the Shinydrive Service URL (for example, http://localhost:8080/cws)

  10. Update Data Collection Spec if you have changed the name of “Enterprise” in your Enterprise Data Source Folder in Content Server or if your Content Server was installed in a language other than English (for example, some German installations of Content Server use “LES Unternehmensweit”)

  11. Update Search Language if you have a different configuration for this in your Content Server

  12. Review Advanced Settings and make any appropriate changes

  13. Save

The server will attempt to connect to the URLs. If it is not able to connect a red X will appear next to the incorrect field.

Once you have completed adding a Content Source, your next step is to add a Drive.

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