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Configuring Shinydrive Anti-Virus Exclusions

In some situations, security programs, like virus scanners or other security suites can block the functionality of Shinydrive. You can solve such issues by adding the following files and program folders to the necessary exclusions lists.

Shinydrive server exclusions list:

The folders you need to make an exception for:

  • C:\usr\local\*

  • [Tomcat Install Directory] \Apache Software Foundation\*

Shinydrive client exclusions list:

  • C:\Program Files\Shinydrive\

  • C:\Program Files\Shinydrive\shinydrive.exe

  • C:\Program Files\ShinydriveOffice\

  • C:\Program Files\ShinydriveOutlook\

  • C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\shinydrive\*

  • any drives configured during the Shinydrive installation (ie. If you set up an E:\ and P:\ drive within Shinydrive, you will need to add those drives to your exceptions list to ensure proper operation.)

  • [For Shinydrive and later] C:\Program Files\Dokan

  • [For Shinydrive 2.4.3 and earlier] C:\Program Files\ShinydocsDriver\ShinydocsDriverLibrary-2.0.1\*

No software should attempt to scan Shinydrive. This could lead to unwanted caching and operations in Shinydrive.

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