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Installing Shinydrive Client for OpenText Content Server

Installation Checklist

Make sure the following item is handy for the Shinydrive client installation:

  • Shinydrive Suite ZIP folder (provided by Shinydocs)

Installer Files List

  • Dokan_[bitness].msi

  • (optional) ShinyAppFinderMSI[bitness].msi

  • ShinydriveMSI[bitness].msi

  • (optional) ShinydriveOfficeMSI[bitness].msi

  • (optional) ShinydriveOutlookMSI[bitness].msi

  • ShinydriveSetup[bitness].bat

Installing Shinydrive Client

For the most complete Shinydrive experience, we recommend installing all Shinydrive Add-ins.

Installing the Shinydrive client involves an unprompted restart to your machine.

  1. Right-click on the Shinydrive Suite ZIP file and select Properties

  2. Under the General tab, select Unblock and Apply                 

  3. Right-click on the Shinydrive Suite ZIP file and select Extract All... 

  4. Open the Shinydrive Suite folder

  5. Open a Command Prompt session, as administrator

  6. Change the directory to the location of the installer files (for example, cd C:\Users\[username]\shinydrive-suite\windows\installers\64)

  7. If you want to install all Shinydrive plugins, run the .bat file by entering ShinydriveSetup64.bat all and keyboard enter

  8. If you do not want to install the Shinydrive plugins, do not include all

  9. Follow the installer prompts

Congratulations! You have completed installing Shinydrive Client. You are ready to log into Shindrive to set up the connection between Shinydrive and your Content Server.

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