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Unable to connect to the remote server

This article applies to the Shinydrive Windows Client.


The Shinydrive client fails to connect after Domain Support is Enabled for Content Server. All users get an "Unable to connect to the remote server" error.


Content Server Web Services no longer map the root node "EnterpriseWS" properly after domains have been enabled. Since the "EnterpriseWS" alias is typically what is found in the Shinydrive file, this will need to be changed to an actual Content Server Node ID in order for it to work.


For anyone using domains like this, we recommend not using the EnterpriseWS alias, instead treat it like any other folder and use its Node ID. Update your file like the following:


That should map to the default EWS for any new install. Older upgraded installs may have a different node id for their EWS volume object.

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