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Uninstalling the Shinydocs Service module for OpenText Content Server

A restart of Content Server, including all nodes, will be required. We recommend this disruption be considered when scheduling the uninstall of the Shinydocs Service module.

We recommend a backup or snapshot of the Content Server nodes be done before completing the steps in this article.

A backup is not necessary for Content Server Cloud Edition if deployed in Kubernetes.

This module is typically used as a bridge between Shinydrive and Content Server. Some customers, however, may be using it with other Shinydocs products.


Identify all Content Server nodes, including front-end and Admin nodes. Of these nodes, select one which will be considered the primary node to which the uninstall steps will be performed on.

Ensure all Content Server nodes are accessible, for a restart after the module has been uninstalled.


  1. As an administrator, log into the node identified as the primary node

  2. Open the Content Server Administration page

  3. Navigate to Module Configuration

  4. Select Uninstall Modules

  5. Locate Shinydocs Service and select the X under the Uninstall column

  6. Confirm the uninstall request

  7. Before clicking Restart or Continue, log into all other nodes in a different browser tab or window and repeat the steps above

  8. After the steps above have been repeated for all nodes, return to the primary node and click Restart

  9. Wait for the primary node to come back up

  10. Verify that you can log in

  11. Verify that trace logs are not being generated in the Content Server <otHome>\logs folder

  12. Perform a restart on the remaining nodes

  13. Repeat the verification steps

The Shinydocs Service module has been uninstalled.

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