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Updating to Shinydrive 365

If you are running Shinydrive server and client and want to update to Shinydrive 365, follow these steps.

Updating the Shinydrive Server to Shinydrive 365

  1. Download the latest version of the Shinydrive 365 Suite

  2. Right-click on the zip file ( and select Properties

  3. On the General tab, check the box next to Unblock and click OK

  4. Extract 

  5. Open Services (services.msc)

  6. Right-click the Apache® Tomcat service that is currently configured to run the Shinydrive Server and select Stop

  7. Navigate to your Tomcat webapps directory (for example, C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 8.5\webapps)

  8. Delete or move the following files and folders to another location:

    1. shinydrive-server folder

    2. shinydrive-server.war file

  9. In a new Explorer window, open the extracted Shinydrive Suite folder

  10. Open the server folder

  11. Copy the new shinydrive-server.war file into your Tomcat webapps directory

  12. Open Services (services.msc)

  13. Right-click the Apache® Tomcat service and select Start.
    Shortly after starting the Tomcat service, the .war file is deployed into a folder with the same name, and the webapps directory will now look as it did in Step 7

You must recreate a Content Source, Drives, and Profiles.

Updating the Shinydrive Client to Shinydrive 365

To update Shinydrive Client, you need to uninstall the Client and related components, and then install the new version.

Uninstalling the Shinydrive Client

  1. Right-click the Shinydrive icon in the Taskbar

  2. Exit Shinydrive

  3. Open Programs and Features in Windows Control Panel

  4. Select and uninstall Shinydrive and related components:

    1. Shinydrive

    2. (if applicable) Shinydrive Office

    3. (if applicable) Shinydrive Outlook

    4. (if applicable) Shiny App Finder

    5. (if applicable) Shinydocs Driver

  5. Restart your machine

Installing the Shinydrive 365 Client

For the most complete Shinydrive experience, we recommend installing all Shinydrive plugins.

Installing the client includes an unprompted restart.

  1. Right-click the Shinydrive 365 Suite ZIP file and select Properties

  2. Under the General tab, select Unblock and Apply                 

  3. Right-click the Shinydrive 365 Suite ZIP file and select Extract All... 

  4. Open the Shinydrive 365 Suite folder

  5. Open a Command Prompt session as Administrator

  6. Change the directory to the location of the installer files (for example, cd C:\Users\[username]\shinydrive-365-suite\windows\installers\64)

  7. If you want to install all Shinydrive plugins, run the .bat file by specifying Shinydrive365Setup64.bat all and pressing Enter

  8. If you do not want to install the Shinydrive plugins, do not include all

  9. Follow the installer prompts

Congratulations! You are now running Shinydrive 365!

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