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Cannot Install Shinydrive

This article outlines what to do if the Shinydrive Windows Client MSI package fails to install on a user’s machine.


We are not able to install the Shinydrive Windows Client MSI Package on a user's PC. Upon checking their logs, it appears that they could not create a system restore point.


There are a number of different scenarios under which you may run into difficulty installing the Shinydrive MSI package. Situations we have encountered are listed below, along with the solution for each.


Confirm that there is not a pending reboot from a Windows Update. If there is, you will see an image like the following in the Start Menu:

  • If there is, simply reboot the user's PC and allow the Windows Update to finish installing. Once it has, try installing the Shinydrive MSI package again,

Confirm there are no other installers running.

  •  If there are, simply allow them to finish (possibly requiring a reboot). Once they have, try installing the Shinydrive MSI package again.

Make sure the Windows Installer service is running on the target machine.

  • If it is not, you may have to manually start it. If you do, try installing the Shinydrive MSI package again

Make sure the installer exe is not blocked. Right-click on the installer exe and click properties. If it is blocked, it will be marked as "unsafe".

  • If the installer exe is blocked, be sure to "Unblock" this file (windows may do this if you download with IE or copy from a network share).

Make sure you have enough permissions to do the install.

  • Right-click and run as administrator. Positively accept any UAC prompts. 

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