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Moving Folders and Files within Shinydrive

Users can opt to move folders and files using Move to Records Management in the Shinydrive context menu. Moving content this way, instead of dragging and dropping, ensures a clear, controlled, and deliberate process. This method may be best for moving large amounts of items.

  1. Navigate to a drive within Shinydrive

  2. Select the folder or file that you want to move

  3. Right-click on the item to display the context menu

  4. Mouse over Move to Records Management and select the drive you want to import to

  5. Browse for and Select the exact location you want to import to in the “Destination” dialog window

  6. View the progress of the import process in the “View Import Window”

  7. Close the window at your convenience

Updating Attributes

The administrator of your ECM can set up folders on a drive, that require certain metadata attributes. When a file is saved to such a folder, dragged and dropped into it, or copied and pasted into it, an orange icon overlay with an exclamation point will appear on it. This icon overlay indicates attributes are required for the file.

  1. Right-click on the file to pop up the context menu

  2. Select Add this file to Records Management

  3. Enter appropriate metadata in all required fields, designated with a blue yield icon

  4. Click the Save Changes button

If the orange icon overly remains after changes have been saved, refresh the window.

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