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Shinydrive Deleted Items


Many common desktop applications delete files as part of their normal save process. For example, PowerPoint and Excel create temporary files, then, when a user saves the file, the original is deleted, and a temp file is moved into its place. Those apps fail to save if they can’t physically delete the file.

This process creates a unique situation: if Shinydrive deleted a document from the ECM when an application tells it to delete it, Shinydrive would lose version histories every time a user saves a new version.


To prevent the loss of versions during the save process, we introduced the concept of “Deleted Items” per drive. This allows Shinydrive users to temporarily delete files. When a user deletes a file, it is stored in the respective drives “Deleted Items”. Shinydrive won't do the “real” delete until the number of minutes specified in the DeletedItemsExpiry registry key has elapsed (typically set to 2 minutes) – Shinydrive will warn the user if the file ultimately couldn’t be deleted.

This solution performs two functions. It:

  1. gives the user a window of time to recover a deleted item, if need be

  2. acts as temporary storage for desktop applications that need to delete as part of their save process

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