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Using Offline Mode

This feature is available if it has been enabled by your administrator.

You can make files and folders available offline for viewing and editing with Shinydrive. When a file or folder is made available offline it is saved to the local cache.

The amount of data you can make available offline depends on the cache size assigned to the Shinydrive Windows client. The default cache size is 30% of unused hard drive space where the cache is located. Contact your Shinydrive administrator to make changes.

Enabling Offline Mode

  1. Right-click on a file or folder to invoke the context menu

  2. Select Make Available Offline

  3. Once a green overlay icon with a checkmark symbol appears the file or folder is available offline



The file or folder is not stored locally and is not available offline

The file or folder is saved to the local cache and is available offline

When you reconnect to the Shinydrive Server, Shinydrive syncs the items and creates a new version of them. If the file was modified since it was taken it offline, Shinydrive will notify you that it has changed and will prompt you for what to do with the file.

Do not delete the cache until the files complete syncing when you reconnect.

Detecting the OpenText Content Server State

This feature is only compatible with Content Server.

This feature is turned off by default. Contact your Shinydrive administrator to enable it.

The Shinydrive client and server can detect whether or not OpenText Content Server is reachable. 

If Content Server is unreachable, Shinydrive client will be placed in an offline state, allowing you to continue working with cached files. Once Content Server is reachable again, Shinydrive will resume its online state (based on the activity in Shinydrive) and any changes made while offline will be synced. 

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