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Automation 2.4.1 (04/23)

Here is where you will find information on feature enhancements and fixed issues that are part of the Automation 2.4.1 (April 2023) release.


Cognitive Suite compatibility


Cognitive Suite is bundled and compatible with Automation 2.4.1. With this bundle, Automation customers have access to the following:

  • Improved OCR text extraction error handling

  • Parameter --text-timeout added to the exe.config file

How to enable

Customers will not need to install Cognitive Suite separately for new Automation deployments. It is deployed as part of the installation of Automation 2.4.1.

A Cognitive Suite license is required.

For customers with versions of Automation older than 2.4.0, who wish to upgrade, please uninstall the older version before installing Automation 2.4.1.

(Cognitive Suite) Improved OCR text extraction error handling


In the case where an OCR text extraction error occurs, the document ID is now logged in the document-id field in the shinydocs-jobs index.

(Cognitive Suite) AddHashAndExtractedText - --text-timeout command line parameter added to the exe.config file


You can now modify the default value for the --text-timeout option for AddHashAndExtractedText.

For example, if there are files that take longer than the default value of 60 seconds to process through Optical Character Recognition (OCR), the full text extraction is not completed for that file.

This timeout parameter will take priority over the TimeoutSeconds parameter in the Automation Workflow appsettings.json file. If it is not passed, the value will be pulled from the configuration file and finally, if it cannot be pulled from the configuration file it should default to 60 seconds.

How to enable

To ensure that the OCR process is completed on each file, modify the --text-timeout value higher than the default setting of 60 seconds in the exe.config file.

Automatic Work Order Assignment


Previously, the automated workflow process could not fill in fields if the document type was not identified even if some fields were known. We have enhanced this process so that all known metadata can always be populated, regardless of document identification.

How to enable

Implement as outlined in the “Preprocessing” section of “How to Define the Automation DLL” document.

Manual Unreserve for Administrators


Previously there were two ways to unreserve a document:

  1. by the person who reserved it

  2. automatically, based on a timer parameter, ReservationTimeoutInMinutes, configured in the appsettings.json file

We have added functionality that allows administrators to check in a reserved document, regardless of who reserved it.

How to enable

To allow administrators to manually unreserve documents, update the appsettings.json file, located in C:\inetpub\Automation Review. Enter a comma-separated list of administrator Active Directory usernames in the new Supervisors parameter and save the file.

Administrators that are added to the new Supervisors list will be able to click the Check in button.

Fixed Issues

The Document Properties panel in Review renders empty when text removed from Classification field


If text was removed from the Classification field in Review using the backspace keyboard key, the Review window rendered empty. Now text can be removed from the Classification field without consequence to the Review window.

Some values in the Classifications dropdown appear to be duplicated in the Document Properties panel


Previously, the Classification dropdown in the Document Properties cut off the trailing and unique portion of the Classification path and name for long values. These long Classification names, that shared the same path, appeared to be duplicates since the user was not able to see the end of the path. We have updated the interface with a tree view, displaying the full path of all Classification values.

Some fields in the Document Properties panel are awkward to edit


Results were inconsistent when looking for values in some Review dropdown fields by typing, backspacing, and retyping. The behaviour of these fields has been fixed to improve usability.

Page values, pagination, and filters were not retained during searches that included filtering


During searches, as the Rows per page values were updated, as page selection was performed with the pagination arrows, and as filters were applied the logical display of records, page values, and selected filters was incorrect. Search using filters no longer has a negative impact on page counts, item counts, and which records are rendered.

The Date picker in the properties pane of Review is not easily cleared


To remove a value in the Date picker, the keyboard backspace key would have to be used. We have added a Clear button to simplify clearing a date.

The file creation date in Review was incorrectly reported in the automatorStatus.startDate preview column


In the Review interface, the creationTimeUtc value was incorrectly reported as the date a file was processed by Workflow. Review has been updated so it now reports the automatorStatus.startDate, as configured in the PreviewColumns parameter of the appsettings.json file, as the date a file is processed by Workflow.

Validation of OtdsUrl removed from Workflow startup


Previously on startup, Automation Workflow would read and validate parameter values from the Content Server’s source settings file. If the OtdsUrl was missing from this configuration file, an error would display and Workflow would not start up. We have removed the validation of this parameter so Workflow will start, regardless of the presence of a value.

The Sort order was not retained on page refresh


The customized sort order in Review was reset when the page was refreshed. Now the customized sort order persists, even if the page is refreshed.

The Well API was not always available after a Well Designation was selected


Sometimes the Well API dropdown was unpopulated after a Well Designation was selected. Also occasionally, a Well API was not editable. Review now captures, parses and identifies Well API numbers of various patterns including number groupings separated by dashes or periods.

Known Issues

After a Review update, a hard refresh of the browser appears to break filters


Occasionally, after Review is updated to a new version, filters on the main page do not appear to work after a hard refresh of the browser is performed. We recommend clearing the browser cache and refreshing again.

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