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Discovery Search 1.10.1 (01/23)

Here is where you will find information about enhancements and fixed issues that are part of the Discovery Search 1.10.1 (January 2023) release.


Admin Panel - Multisource enabled by default for Dashboard and Search analytics pages


The Multi-source search toggle is removed from the Dashboard and User analytics pages. The default search setting remains "All sources". To limit which source(s) to search against, click the All sources button and check one or more sources.

Fixed Issues

Text highlight action on search Result cards is not sticky


Users wishing to copy text from a search result card found that the highlight action was not sticky. The highlight on selected text would disappear upon release of the left mouse button, preventing users from copying it.

We have fixed this issue for both the default Result templates that Discovery ships with and for any Result templates that customers created.

This issue does not affect Preview templates.

Template Preview searches are counted as official searches


In the Admin Panel Template page, each Preview template “search for example results” in Edit mode was counted as an official search. Subsequently, these searches were included in the total searches count, appearing on the Dashboard and Search analytics pages. We no longer add these searches to the analytics index, raising the total search count.

Adding an exclamation mark to a filter value will break the filter


Users were shown split filtered results if a filter value was configured with an exclamation mark. Results were filtered by the section of the value up to the exclamation mark and by the section of the value after the exclamation mark. This one filter would be treated as two. For example, if the filter value selected by the user was “cat!dog” the filter was split into two, a filter for “cat” and a filter for “dog”.

We no longer allow an exclamation mark to be included in a filter value, created in the Filters configuration page within Role customization.

Known Issues

File extensions not supported by the browser are downloaded by default when the “File system link behaviour” is set to the open-browser option


If File system link behaviour is set to the open-browser option on the File system settings page, found in the Application settings menu, file types not supported by the browser can still be downloaded and then opened in another application.

For clarity, we have added the following disclaimer with the open-browser option on the File system settings page:

“Certain file types cannot be opened in modern browsers and may result in the file downloading instead.”

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