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Activating the Cognitive Toolkit License

Before we start using the Cognitive Suite, you will be required to activate the Cognitive Toolkit using the license file provided by the Shinydocs Support team.

Before you begin, ensure that the Shinydocs Indexer/Visualizer has been installed. If not, refer to the Installing and Upgrading Cognitive Suite instructions.

Do the following:

  1. Open a Windows command prompt as Administrator.

  2. Change directory (cd) to where you extracted the file.

  3. Run the Activate command:  CognitiveToolkit.exe Activate -p <PATH OF LICENSE FILE>

You are now all set and ready to go!

Don’t move or remove your license key! As part of activating your Shinydocs Cognitive Suite, note that where the license is actually located on disk is cached for future license checks (which are automatic each time you run one of the tools). Therefore, if you ever move the license file from its original activated location, you will need to re-run activation with the license in its new location.

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