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Enrichment: The Essentials

Understanding Enrichment

Why it matters

Enrichment enables organizations to search data in their index using additional details. It adds robustness to an organization’s data and quality to the search experience by providing the ability to find specific details within the data index. 

Ways to enrich your data

Data can be enriched in many ways, including hashing, classification, and extraction.


The hashing process used to identify duplicates is also a form of enrichment, as each hash is specifically attributed to a file’s content, thus improving its searchability.


When classifying content, files are tagged in the index with metadata. These field-value pairs can then be used to further simplify the search experience.


Extracting data happens in two different ways: text extraction and entity extraction.

Text extraction is when the body of a file is extracted and added to the index.

Entity extraction can take place once text extraction is complete. Like highlighting text, entity extraction uses regular expressions (regex) to flag specific text within the index.

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