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Enrichment: Use case

Case In Point: Enrichment

A dual purpose strategy

A customer in the automotive industry leverages enrichment in multiple ways to maintain a robust index and to empower users with an enhanced search experience. 

A robust index

In collaboration with Shinydocs, the customer created a series of daily scheduled tasks that run as part of their data management strategy. One such task is text extraction. Running text extraction increases the number of data points in the index that can then be searched. By running it daily, the customer is able to ensure the index is not only robust, but also up-to-date.

Enhanced search experience

Enrichment doesn’t stop there. In addition to text extraction, the run of scheduled tasks includes classification. Designated file extensions are classified by content types set out by the organization as part of their data strategy. 

These content types are then used as filters in the organization’s instance of Enterprise Search. Users can refine their search results by applying content type filters. The result is a customized and effective search experience.

Strategic enrichment

Just like the customer above, you can solidify your organization’s data management strategy by effectively leveraging enrichment.

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