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Enterprise Search: Use Case

Kickstarting efficiency

Enterprise Search is a federated search experience that allows employees to quickly and easily locate the documents they need from anywhere within the organization, all while maintaining data security and respecting existing permissions set up by administrators.

Work smarter, not harder

Most companies don’t know what data they have, much less how to find it when they need it. When employees struggle to find documents or files they require in order to do their job, it leads to frustration and wasted time. It’s estimated that employees can spend as much as 45 minutes daily trying to locate information. Long term, this can equal thousands of dollars in wasted time and money. What’s more, when faced with these situations, employees may end up repeating efforts and adding to ROT data by creating “convenience copies”, compounding the problem and adding to storage space. In addition to experiencing frustration with this process, employees now lack the context or comprehensive information they require to make informed decisions. 

With Enterprise Search, wasted time and employee inefficiencies become a thing of the past. Employees can find the documents they need when they need them (and wherever they may be located) all from one easy-to-use search interface. Enterprise Search saves time, money and headaches for both employees and administrators alike while also building confidence in organizational systems and boosting productivity.

Seamless security

Data security is one of the main concerns facing administrators. Employees need to be able to locate documents quickly and easily, while at the same time only being able to access content that is within their level of access.

Enterprise Search works seamlessly with your organization’s security and data management systems. Administrators can breathe easy, there is no need to duplicate efforts by re-instituting the same set of permissions that already exist across your organization. One of the features of Enterprise Search, which powers Enterprise Search, is that it does not adjust or alter pre-existing data or file security. Employees will only see the files and documents that are available to them.

Data that can stay put

Your organization’s data can live in many different locations: file shares, content management systems, or cloud-based solutions. Migrating all of your data to one location can be a daunting endeavour for many, if not all organizations. Migrations are lengthy and costly and a large percentage end up unsuccessful or incomplete.

Enterprise Search works with your organization's existing systems, allowing for quick yet comprehensive searching of information, regardless of where it’s located. Deploying Enterprise Search is a hassle-free process because there is no need to move your data; it can stay put, which alleviates many of the concerns facing both employees and administrators.

How one customer put these benefits to work for them

While undergoing their digital transformation, one company in the energy sector discovered they had over 15 million files spread across legacy systems that were 20+ years old. Employees found it extremely difficult to locate and sort through such a large amount of data to find what they were looking for.

Employees found themselves not only having to repeat the same search across numerous applications, but in an attempt to eliminate this hassle in the future, many would save “convenience copies” of important documents on their desktop or in easily accessible folders. This practice not only adds to the accumulation of duplicate data, it results in lost confidence in organizational systems and not knowing whether the version of the document they need is the most accurate and up-to-date.

With the help of Shinydocs’ solutions, they were able to identify and retain 3 million documents that had business value. Deploying Enterprise Search now makes it quick and easy for employees to find what they need.

Enabling employees to find the information they seek quickly and easily results in not only increased organizational efficiency and improved job satisfaction but also provides invaluable insights on how data within your organization is being accessed. Incorporating Enterprise Search into your organization’s data management strategy is key to ongoing success.

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