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Identify: Crawling Data

Crawling Your Data

Why it matters

Your organization is moving forward with a robust data management strategy. The first step to ensuring success is identifying what data exists and where. Discover where all of your organization’s data lives (including ROT and duplicate content) by crawlning multiple sources using Shinydocs Cognitive Suite.

What sources can be crawled?

Many different types of sources can be crawled, including:

  • File Shares

  • Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECMs), such as OpenText™ Content Server or Microsoft® SharePoint®

  • Engineering Project Software, such as Bentley® ProjectWise

  • Email Servers, such as Microsoft Exchange

How do I get started?

Don’t be left behind! crawling sources to identify where all of your data lives needn’t be daunting. To start crawling a file share, for example, requires only that:

  • Shinydocs Cognitive Toolkit is installed and activated on the machine that will be used to crawl your data

  • You have the network/UNC path for the share to be crawled

  • You’re prepared to run the desired crawl command from Windows Command Prompt with an account that has access to the share to be crawled

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