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What's good data management?

Data management is an ongoing process critical to an organization’s success. It incorporates five components and their associated tools: Identify, Cleanup, Enrichment, Enterprise Search, and Migrate. 


Identify what data your organization has, where it is located, and how and when it is interacted with. Leverage this knowledge to clean, enrich, search, and/or migrate your data.


  • Crawl file shares

  • Crawl cloud-based repositories


Cleanup your organization’s information by quarantining and/or disposing of redundant, obsolete, and trivial data (ROT), as well as duplicate content. 


  • Temporary files

  • Untouched drafts


Enrich your organization with meaningful metadata using various forms of extraction and classification.


  • Text and entity extraction

  • Bulk enrichment

Enterprise Search

Enable end users to search for content across multiple sources from one place and retrieve results based on their permissions.


  • File shares

  • Cloud-based repositories


Move your organization’s data from one source to another and take only what you need with you.


  • Migrate to OpenText™ Content Server

  • Migrate to SharePoint® Online

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