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Shinydocs Pro 24.3.0 (April 2024)

The complete contents of the release include both Shinydocs Pro 24.3.0 (including Cognitive Suite CLI) as well as Shinydocs Enterprise Search 24.3.0.

What’s New?
Shinydocs Pro 24.3.0 includes the following key features:

  • Find "More Like This" in Enterprise Search: When looking at an item in Shinydocs Enterprise Search, users can now select a "Find Similar" button to find more items like the one they've selected.

  • Support for Microsoft Teams in Enterprise Search: Shinydocs Enterprise Search now supports Microsoft Teams, allowing users to easily search for and discover chat channels and attachments from Microsoft Teams to which they belong.

  • Path-Based Keyword Classification: Shinydocs Pro makes it easy for organizations to get started on the classification of their data by assigning relevant tags to data based on keywords found in the path of the files themselves. For customers already using Shinydocs Pro, please contact Customer Success for help configuring this exciting new feature!

  • Email Notification Improvements: Shinydocs Pro's Email Notification feature now supports adding multiple recipients to the notifications sent from the Shinydocs Control Center.

  • Native Boolean Support: When editing the Search Index, Shinydocs Enterprise Search now supports Boolean fields natively.

Fixed Issues:

  • Resolved an issue with support for Microsoft Internet Information Systems (IIS) in Shinydocs Enterprise Search.

  • Numerous bug fixes

Additional Notes:

  • When upgrading from an earlier version, the administrator needs to copy the appsettings.json from Enterprise Search to keep the keys. If this step is not performed, the user will be locked out of the index settings as Shinydocs Pro overwrites the encryption key. Please refer to the following steps for more information:

Steps to upgrade:

  • Download the latest Shinydocs Pro bundle and unblock it

  • Go to the appsetting.json in “C:\Program Files\Shinydocs Pro\Search” and Copy it

  • If upgrading from a version prior to 24.2.0, it is necessary to update the platform URL in the appsettings.json from 5001 to 9701

  • Double click the bundle for the Shinydocs release to perform the install install

  • Once completed, paste the info from the appsettings.json into the appsettings.json

  • Save

  • Start the Shinydocs Search service

  • Open Control Center in the browser

  • Select Search

  • Everything should now be working as expected


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