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Shinydocs Pro 24.4.0 (May 2024)

The complete contents of the release include both Shinydocs Pro 24.4.0 (including Cognitive Suite CLI) as well as Shinydocs Enterprise Search 24.4.0

What's New?

Shinydocs Professional 24.4.0 includes the following key features:

  • Microsoft Exchange Online support in Control Center: This version of Shinydocs Pro offers full support for Microsoft Exchange Online in the Shinydocs Control Center. Please note that, in order to protect user privacy, Shinydocs Enterprise Search will hide Exchange items until permissions are configured by the operator. Additionally, Shinydocs does not recommend configuring public schematype (non-permissioned) for Microsoft Exchange as the preview feature in Shinydocs Enterprise Search will not work as expected.

  • Delta crawl support for Microsoft SharePoint Online and iManage: Support for delta crawls of both Microsoft SharePoint Online and iManage - including for deletions - is now available in the Shinydocs Control Center.

  • Customize PII and ROT operations: In this release of Shinydocs Pro, operators can easily choose which rules for PII and ROT should be run against their content.

  • Data Catalog improvements: The Data Catalog view includes significant improvements to the user experience including:

    • Icons for file-types

    • Content location

    • Duplicate content indicator

    • ROT labels

    • PII labels

    • Sorting support

    • Combined ROT filters

    • Improved filtering

  • Sources and Content Analysis improvements: The Sources and Content Analysis pages in the Shinydocs Control Center now include:

    • Sources grouped by connection

    • Improved readability of crawl status

  • Email notification branding: Email notifications sent from Shinydocs Pro are now branded with a pleasing, easy-to-read message.

  • Streamlined Installation: The Shinydocs Pro installer now allows operators to skip the installation of the Shinydocs Dashboards in order to speed up the installation process if the use of this functionality is not planned or needed by the operator.

Fixed Issues:

  • Numerous bug fixes

Additional Notes:

  • Content Analysis steps have changed in this release which has required the tool run history to be “reset”. The Shinydocs Index data is not affected, but details about previous runs are removed and only new runs are recorded on a go-forward basis.

  • Shinydocs Enterprise Search has been upgraded to use .NET 8 in order to better align with Shinydocs Control Center.

  • If your Shinydocs Pro environment has two content sources with the same name, one with spaces and one with dashes, the operator will need to re-name one before upgrading.

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