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Shinydocs Pro 24.2.0 (February 2024)

The complete contents of the release include both Shinydocs Pro 24.2.0 (including Cognitive Suite CLI) as well as Shinydocs Enterprise Search 24.2.0.

What’s New?

Shinydocs Pro 24.2.0 includes the following key features:

  • iManage Support: Shinydocs Pro customers can now integrate iManage within the Shinydocs Pro Control Center application! Please note that the Enterprise Search capability for searching iManage is un-permissioned by default following the installation. Support for permissioned searching for iManage content from within Shinydocs Enterprise Search will be available in a future release.

  • Data Catalogue Page: Shinydocs Pro now ships with Data Catalogue page in Control Center to filter results across all your datasets in one, easy-to-access location! Once data has been scanned across various sources, your users can now easily dig deeper to get a list of items that match any number of criteria, such as by data source, ROT, duplicates, and PII.

  • Duplicate Detection Across Datasets: Shinydocs Pro now makes it incredibly easy for you to spot duplicated content across multiple datasets or content repositories. In addition to finding duplicates within the same source, it’s now possibly to quickly identify duplication across content storage locations within your organization!

  • SharePoint Online Improvements: This release of Shinydocs Pro includes several meaningful improvements related to SharePoint Online, including:

    • Scanning entire SharePoint Online tenants within the Control Center is now much simpler and requires less configuration.

    • Scanning only new or modified items in SharePoint Online is now easily configured

    • Reviewing any errors when scanning large-scale deployments of SharePoint Online has been improved with greatly enhanced error-handling capabilities

  • Introducing the Shinydocs Connector Framework: This release of Shinydocs Pro includes the first release of the Shinydocs Connector Framework, a set of back-end capabilities that will greatly improve Shinydocs' ability to bring about the lightning-fast integration of new connectors and data sources.

Fixed Issues

  • Numerous internally-identified product defects.

Additional Notes

  • This version of Shinydocs Pro introduces port changes to the default port settings in earlier releases. Specifically:

    • The default port for the Shinydocs Control Center has changed from 5001 to 9701. Please note that the upgrade installer will automatically switch Control Center and Search to use this new port for Control Center communication.

    • The default port for the Shinydocs Extraction Service has changed from 55555 to 9711. For current installs, if you are currently set to use http://localhost:55555/ in Control Center, the upgrade will automatically migrate to http://localhost:9711/. Alternatively, the upgrade will not change the port, and you will need to manually update the configuration, since the upgrade installer will setup Extraction Service on Port 9711.

  • Any custom Runscripts will need to be updated to match new standardized namespaces. At this time, Shinydocs will continue to include the older code (marked as deprecated) to allow time for customers to transition to the new naming conventions. We plan to remove this deprecated code in the 2024.4 release planned for later this year.

  • OpenSearch 2.11.1 is bundled with this release. OpenSearch 2.9 and 2.10 are also supported, but not part of this release package.

  • Since the release of Shinydocs Pro 3.1 (and Shinydocs Enterprise Search 1.12) Mac computers have encountered issues connecting to Enterprise Search if they aren’t on a domain. Shinydocs is working on a fix for this issue which will be scheduled in a future release.

  • When upgrading from an earlier version, the administrator needs to copy the appsettings.json from Enterprise Search to keep the keys. If this step is not performed, the user will be locked out of the index settings as we are overwriting the encryption key. Please refer to the following steps for more information:

Steps to upgrade:

  • Download the Shinydocs Pro 24.2.0 bundle and unblock it

  • Go to the appsetting.json in “C:\Program Files\Shinydocs Pro\Search” and Copy it

  • Since Shinydocs changed the default ports in this release, it is necessary to update the platform url in the appsettings.json from 5001 to 9701

  • Double click the bundle for the Shinydocs 24.2.0 release to perform the install install

  • Once completed, paste the info from the appsettings.json into the appsettings.json

  • Save

  • Start the Shinydocs Search service

  • Open Control Center in the browser

  • Select Search

  • Everything should now be working as expected

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